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Arizona 2007

Christmas trip to see Mom Lamb, Gladie, Karl and Kathy, and Rick and Peg.  Drove from Casa Grande to Yuma and back, and also got together with the girls in Phoenix.

Beaufort 2006

Got away for a long weekend to celebrate John’s birthday.

Hawaii 2008

This was John & Sherri’s 25th anniversary celebration trip, although it happened just before our 26th.  It was also Sherri’s final state to visit.  We went to 3 islands, Hawaii, Moloka’i, and Kauai.  Each has it’s own appeal, but overall Moloka’i was our favorite.  It’s quiet and laid back with no stop signs and little touristy development.  Not for everyone, but suits us.

The highlight of the trip, however, was the powered hang glider flight on Kauai (at least for John).  And visiting with Dean and Malone (Dad’s cousin).  The Big Island of Hawaii is truly special in it’s own way with the active volcano.  Something special everywhere we went.

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Seattle 2010

John had a SAS conference in Seattle so we went a few days early to spend some time with Jenna and David.  Did Pike Place and the Space Needle downtown, and a day touring north of the city.

North Channel 2006
aka BOINGA 2006
Dad and all the boys went sailing on the North Channel and Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.
Maine 2003
This was our second family vacation to Maine, ten years after the first.  Not much hiking this trip, since Jenna was recovering from leg surgery.  So we did more driving around the Acadia area and ended with a three day sailing trip on the Wendameen.  One the few places we’ve vacationed twice--that should say it all!

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