Isle Royale 2011

Huginnin Cove

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    2 pkgs Oatmeal


    Brown sugar.  Probably will just use flavored Oatmeal in the future.  Food bag always smells of brown sugar.

    3 Starbucks VIA coffee packets.  Only used 1-2 per day.  Very convenient.  Taste is OK.  Colombian not as bitter as Italian Roast.


    1 Sandwich thin, vacuum packed in pairs.  Kept nicely >week.  A little chewy and can’t separate the sides, but tasted great.

    One of the following:

        Pkg of Justin’s Peanut Butter & Honey.  Excellent!  Tastes very good and very convenient.  1 pkg/thin is perfect.

        Pkg of Spam Slices + 2 pkgs mustard

        3 oz pkg Tuna + 2 pkgs mayo.  Didn’t eat because of change in plane schedule.

    2 Granola bars


    Mt House Beef Stroganoff.  Good.

    Mt House Breakfast Skillet + 3 pkgs ketchup.  Good.  3 pkgs ketchup was OK, 4 would have been perfect.

    Enertia Switchback Shells.  Good.

    1 pkg cocoa/night

    Mt House Ice Cream for dessert 1 night


    Trail mix.  Approx 6-8 oz Walmart Trail Mix + 6 oz M&Ms (supplemental).

    Camelback Elixer Lemon-Lime tabs.  Used 2 per 70 oz hiking, 1 per 70 oz in camp.  1 was slightly weak taste, but not too bad.

        Tasted pretty good and I liked the carbonation.

Overall did perfect on the food.  I was full and only brought back the extra lunch and a very little bit of trail mix.