Isle Royale 2009

North Side Paddle

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Common Gear

Canoe, Dan’s Old Town Camper

3 Paddles, 2 ours, 1 Dan’s

2 Lifevests

1 Duluth pack (Dad’s), 1 Backpack

2 Day packs

Tent and footprint, 3 person Mt Hardware.  Didn’t use.

Tarp, Kelty Noahs Tarp 12, 1 Tarp Pole.

10 Extra tent stakes.  For tarp and tie downs.

40’ polypropylene rope.  20’ on each end of canoe.

100’ Nylon cord



33 oz Fuel Bottle, with gas.  Used most of it, plus tank on stove.

REI pour spout.  Very handy in lieu of funnel.



Cook Kit - 1 small pot, 1 med pot, 1 large frying pan, handle

Spatula, 2 Cooking spoons, Wisk

2 Sets of dishes - plates, cups, bowls, silverware

Dish Rag, Dish Towel, Pot Scrubber (could’ve used another rag/towel)

Leather gloves (as hot pads)

Camp Soap

Water purifier + extra filter

Collapsible Water Bowl

3 Platypus 2-liter

1 Nalgene.  For mixing drinks.

2 Small dry bags

5 Toilet paper.  Small travel rolls – only used once because we were at lake sites only

Leatherman tool



2 Flashlights, mini-mag

1 Flashlight holster

Suntan Lotion, spf 30

2 oz 100% DEET.  Didn’t use it all, but could have.

First aid kit.  Include wilderness medicine book and emergency blankets.

Wrist Brace

Duck tape, small roll

2 Headnets (didn’t use)

Trails Illustrated Map




Cribbage Board

Thermometer, zipper pull one

Nail clipper

2 Therma-rest chair kits

Personal Gear (including what you wear)

3 T-shirts

2 Long-sleeve nylon shirts.

1 Long-sleeve silk top

1 Silk Long johns

3 Underwear

2 Long Pants (zip-off)

Fleece pullover (warm layer)

Rain gear, jacket & pants

Hiking Boots

3 Pair Socks/liners

Crocs for Camp shoes



Extra Contacts/glasses, contact solution

Glass strap(s)

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad


Camp Towel (forgot wash clothes)

Tooth Brush/toothpaste

Stocking cap

Notebook/Journal and pen