Isle Royale 2005

Father/Daughter Bonding Trip

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Common Gear

Canoe, 17’ Souris River Quectico, from Sylvania Outfitters

Canoe carriers and straps/ropes, Sylvania Outfitters

2 Paddles, 1 of ours

2 Lifevests, 1 of ours

2 Duluth packs

Day pack

Tent and footprint, 3 person Mt Hardware.  Didn’t use.

Tarp, Kelty Noahs Tarp 12

2 Tarp Poles

10 Extra tent stakes.  For tarp and tie downs.

50’ ¼” polypropylene rope.  25’ on each end of canoe.

100’ Nylon cord



2 Fuel Bottles, with gas.  Used 1 – 33 oz bottle, plus tank on stove.

REI pour spout.  Very handy in lieu of funnel.

Matches.  Waterproofed with parfin.


Cook Kit - 1 qt coffee, 1 ½ qt, 3 qt, handle

Frying pan

Spatula, 2 Cooking spoons, Wisk

2 Sets of dishes - plates, cups, bowls, silverware

Dish Rag, Dish Towel, Pot Scrubber

Camp Soap

Water purifier + extra filter

Collapsible Water Bowl

3 Platypus 2-liter

1 Nalgene.  For mixing drinks.

2 Small dry bags

1 roll Paper towels

6 Toilet paper.  Small travel rolls – didn’t use any because we were at lake sites only

Leatherman tool

Knife, Swiss Army

Binoculars.  Probably would leave next time.


2 Flashlights, mini-mag

1 Flashlight holster

Suntan Lotion, spf 30

2 oz 100% DEET.  Didn’t use it all, but could have.

First aid kit.  Include wilderness medicine book and emergency blankets.

Wrist Brace

Duck tape, small roll

2 Headnets (didn’t use)

Trails Illustrated Map




Cribbage Board

Thermometer, zipper pull one

2 Fishing rod and reel

Small tackle box

Lures, leaders

Fillet knife

Nail clipper

“Fishes of Isle Royale”

2 Therma-rest chair kits.  Would’ve died without them.

Personal Gear (including what you wear)

3 T-shirts

2 Long-sleeve shirts - 1 lightweight.

1 Long-sleeve t-shirt

1 Long johns

5 Underwear

2 Long Pants (zip-off)

1 Pair Shorts/Swimming suit

Fleece pullover (warm layer)

Rain gear, jacket & pants

Hiking Boots

3 Pair Socks/liners

Sandals/Camp shoes



Extra Contacts/glasses, contact solution

Glass strap(s)

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad


Wash Cloth, Camp Towel

Tooth Brush/toothpaste

Stocking cap

Notebook/Journal and pen